15 Tricks to Getting Out of Bed When Feeling Stuck

Objective: Getting out of bed in the morning means starting your day off right. Waking up early allows you to take on your tasks head-on. Unless you’re stuck to your bed.

Spending one-third of your day sleeping is enough. Don’t get stuck in bed any longer.

Many people find that they’re more productive in the morning. Also, if you’re like my dad. Half the satisfaction is teasing people on how late they wake up.

Let’s learn some tricks to get out of bed when feeling stuck.

1.) Have a Reason to get up in the morning

Have a specific pursuit(*mission*) to drive you towards getting out of bed. For most people, this means going to work/school.

This may work well depending on what you’re studying/working as. Getting up for work is extremely difficult.

Get un-stuck by clinging to the 4 Pillars of Ikigai:

What you’re good at:

Practicing something that you’re good at allows it to become a habit. When things become habits, they are easier to do in your subconscious.

Procrastinate getting out of bed less. This will be easier, to do when you first get up in the morning.

“What if I’m not good at anything?”

Choose something you can see yourself succeeding in. stay motivated by positives. Find that you don’t have a skill/natural talent. Then do something that comes easier to you. Whether that be writing, reviewing videos drawing, etc.

Making improvements and having a chance of being great at what you do is motivating. A reward.

What do you love?

This is the best rule to shoot out of bed. Regardless of how stuck you feel.

  • Would do this for free and/or pay to do it
  • Can focus on it for long periods of time
  • Spends spare time researching/learning about it: Podcasts, Documentaries, TV shows, etc.
  • Makes you fulfilled after completion.

What you can be Paid For?

This is a tough one for people to understand. We need to realize that being paid for many things is possible. Even if you don’t think so.

Now is the time to be optimistic.

To find out if you can be paid for it follow one rule! Are people making money off that thing? Then you can be paid for it.

Try to be flexible at the beginning as well. For example, a logo graphic designer, making art for a website.

Even though, those are two different lanes. They still relate.

What the World Needs?

‘Need’ is a subjective word. Your Ikigai doesn’t need to save the world from destruction or extinction.

More so if there is a demand for it. Getting off that bed is easier knowing that people are relying on what you do.

Have a Short-term reward:

Give yourself a little treat, whether that be your favorite snack, a cup of coffee. Just something that helps you start the day off right.

Just makes sure the reward is far enough away from your room. Just so you don’t take it and then go straight to bed.

My favorite is coffee.

Have a Personal Obligation

Whether it be walking your dog or making breakfast for your partner every morning. Having somebody rely on you puts pressure to get going as soon as possible.

2.) Use an Alarm Clock

Keep your Alarm clock out of arms reach, aka sleep’s reach.

Rule of thumb; Feet need to be on the floor to hit the snooze button.

Setting Alarms

Stop setting multiple alarms, then repeatedly hitting the snooze button. Just set the alarm at a later time. Research at Cleveland clinic shows, sleep in between snoozes isn’t restorative sleep. Meaning it doesn’t energize you.

Instead, get that extra hour of sleep with no interruptions. It goes a long way.

Good Alarm Bad Alarm
16 tricks good alarm 16 tricks bad alarm

3.) Clean Room

Many psychologists suggest that a clean room equals a clean mind. Giving a fresh start at the end of the day.

Tidying your room also saves you time. Stops you from scrambling to find your stuff. Prepare the Day before

Can’t wake up. Maybe your body is dreading chores, that should be done the night before:

  • Keep your coffee made
  • Clothes Ready
  • Bag/papers packed.
  • Shoes cleaned
  • Driveway shoveled.
  • Shower the night before (depends)

4.) Setting Sleep Temperature

Ever woke up shivering, or sweatier than Lebron James in the fourth quarter of the 2015 NBA finals? Room Temperature could be holding you back.

The optimal temperatures for sleeping are 60-67degrees Fahrenheit(15.5C°-19.44C°).

This stops you from waking up too early. Which can disturb your sleep cycle? Either forcing you to get out of bed early, or going back to sleep, and slumbering past your wake-up time.

Waking up

Waking up Early When Cold

People struggle with waking up and feeling too cold to get out of bed! Especially in the winter. Waking up and feeling cold is difficult. Because, leaving your bed, equals leaving your warmth. The solution to cold:

Face, Head, and upper chest are most sensitive to temperature changes. Try wearing a hat, as soon as you wake up.

We lose heat based off of the exposed surface area. This means, that you can lose more heat from an exposed limb (leg, arm) than your whole body. cover your body fully. Don’t just layer up, cover up! -(https://www.nytimes.com/2004/10/26/health/the-claim-you-lose-most-of-your-body-heat-through-your-head.html)

Are your feet and hands cold? Maybe you have poor blood circulation. This can be treated with exercise, quitting smoking, etc.

Have you tried fixing your thermostat schedule? You can actually heat up your home at the time when you wake up. Till your all set in. Then when you’re out to work turn it off.

Some of us don’t have access to our thermostat, whether because we’re renting, or doing, or don’t pay the bills. The thermostat alternative is a portable heater. You can plug it into your wall and use remote control. This heats up your room without even leaving your bed.

Try purchasing a snuggie for only 22$ It’s like a blanket that you can wear. Now you can roll out of bed. Then technically still be in bed.

Don’t have grandma to knit for you? Get some wool socks.

5.) Motivate yourself out of Bed


  • Post a motivational poster on the wall:
    Keep your goals in front of you. Get a motivation sticker
  • Post a sticker quote Get a motivational sticker Quote. Something you can read. Remember, feelings become thoughts, and thoughts turn into action.

6.) Deal with Lower Back Pain

Finally, ready to leave the bed, you’re motivated. Then as soon as your about to slide out of bed your back screams “nooo!”. Like it just came back from the finals of the Limbo Olympics.

Try a firmer mattress that supports your back. Rather than a soft cloud mattress.

Softer mattresses may feel comfy when you sink into them at first. Later on, your back muscles are always working when not supported.

This is why sleeping on the floor, can actually be great for your back.

However, research shows a medium-firm mattress is optimal. A mattress that is too firm could hurt your back.

Also, have you heard the sayingThe Thinner the pillow, the more the mellow?” Probably not, because I just made it up.

The reason thinner pillows are often better for back pain is that they help keep your neck in line with your body. Equals to less strain on neck and back muscles: especially upper back.

Check your sleep position:

Avoid lying on your stomach, with face down on the pillow. This is terrible for your back. Having bad sleep posture makes a huge difference because we sleep for 6-9 hours a day.

Try these sleeping positions:

  • Sleep on the back with a pillow under knees.
  • Sleep on the side with a pillow in between knees.

Find more info on sleeping with lower back pain -(https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/320870.php)

7.)       Depression Tiring you out?

Depression is a mental anchor in your bed. Getting out of bed and facing the world is hard enough. In the morning your body is against you.

Having your brain be against you is even harder. Oversleeping is a key sign of depression. Vice versa.

Talk to someone you can trust: Parent, Friend, Coach Therapist. Heck, even a dog or journal. Getting your thoughts out gives you power over them.

Nobody to talk to?

Text 741741 crisis line. Even if you just wanna chat

In the meantime focus on one thing.

  • To-do-list
  • Create art: Write, Sing, Paint, Color, Speak
  • Listen to Music
  • Get active: Dance, play sports, Push-ups, Run

8.) Talk to a sleep Therapist

I used to think getting a sleep therapist was a little too much. Then I realized People have, Family Therapist. Why not a sleep therapist? People average 7-9 hours of sleep. That’s 1/3 of is your life. We spend more time asleep than with our families.

Slumber is a science. Waking up feeling exhausted means that you’re not doing a good job sleeping. Even though that sounds/is kind of funny. Sleep is a science.

A sleep therapist helps identify negative thinking patterns that may affect sleep. They help you set the perfect slumber environment.

9.) Sleep Timing of Cycles Stages

Understanding Sleep cycles help maximize sleep efficiency.

A person can wake up feeling more refreshed, with less sleep. Then get even more sleep tomorrow and end up feeling more tired.

Sounds like it doesn’t add up right? The reason why are things called sleep cycles and stages.

The bodies average sleep cycle is 90 minutes. You should aim to wake up at the beginning of the next cycle. Being knee deep in a sleep cycle makes it hard to get out of bed. You may realize sometimes you wake up, you can go right back to sleep. While other times not.

Waking up at 8 am? Be in bed by 10.46pm, 12.16am, 1.46am or 3.16am. Assuming it takes 14 minutes for you to fall asleep. –

The average sleep cycle is 90 minutes sleep cycle.

Try the sleep cycle app to track your best sleep times: https://www.sleepcycle.com/

Why Sleep Stages are Important

Sleep stages help explain how people with more physically demanding jobs (e.g. carpenter) can function better at work versus mentally demanding jobs (e.g. accounting) with less sleep.

There are 5 stages of sleep. One of the key differences in the number of rapid eye movements also known as REM. REM is our bodies way of energizing and restoring our mental state.

Stage 1 Dose Off: Float In and out of being awake. This is the transition phase into sleep two. Described as the stage when you’re lying on the couch trying not to fall asleep. Stage 1 slips into stage 2.

Stage 2 Light Sleep:

Nearly 50% of the time spent sleeping overnight is in Stage 2. Stage 2 is a non-REM stage of sleep that focuses more on muscle tone and relaxing.

Stage 3 and 4 Deep Sleep:

Hardest Stage to wake up from. Waking up during these stages is risky. Because of a higher chance of waking up groggy. This is the most important stage for healing body muscles.

Stage 5 Rapid Eye Movement:

The stage for revitalizing your brain. Because it’s the only REM state. Adults spend 20% of their sleep in REM. Meaning that without this stage, you can have a rough day. Especially if you’re doing mentally intense work (e.g. reading, programming, studying).

10.) Shine out of Bed

First thing you see/feel upon wake should be the light. Our bodies are set to be outside during the day, and at home sleeping.

The easiest way is to keep your curtains open. When the body is exposed to sun we produce less melatonin, the chemical that tells us to sleep. Having a light switch within arms reach helps as well.

The alternate option is having the wake-up therapy natural light alarm. This alarm gets brighter and brighter before wake time.

11.) Drink Water

Water is my alarm clock. Use it before bed and after bed.

Drink Water before bed

Drinking water before bed helps you wake up early. Use your bladder as an alarm clock by filling it up with bladder. One liter of water before bed will wake you up in three hours. Two liters will have you up in six hours. -(https://foxnomad.com/2012/07/26/use-your-bladder-as-an-alarm-clock-to-wake-up-on-time-for-early-sightseeing/)

Drink Water after bed:

Warmer water is better for your body. Helps the body remain homeostasis of natural temperature.

Nothing refreshed me in the morning better than a glass of water. This keeps me ready to start my day. No matter how much water you drink the night before. We wake up dehydrated.

Rule of thumb. Being thirsty means you’re dehydrated, it’s that simple.

  • Rehydrates the body
  • Speeds up metabolism
  • The brain is 75% water

12.) Stuck to Phone or Stuck to Bed?

The less technology the better. Get a good night’s sleep. So, you can wake up refreshed.

Screens are known for giving off blue light. This is bad because it tells your body it is day time. I don’t keep my phone on the second floor of my house. That’s my rule.

Find yourself stuck to your bed scrolling through reddit, an hour after you wake up. That’s a problem. When Keeping your phone out of your room. Isn’t possible. Then keep social media out of your room by deleting it.

Also, try downloading a yellow light filter on your phone. This makes it easier to fall asleep. So when you’re getting out of the bed in the morning, you won’t feel as stuck thinking about the sleep you should’ve had.

13.) Playing Music

Find music to wake you up. Some prefer to wake up gently, others prefer to be met with death metal. I say follow your heart. The right music can bring your mood up, and lift you out of bed.

14.) Sitting up immediately

Try changing your posture. Let your body know that sleepy time is finished. Sit up straight. Raising your heart rate, while keeping your brain more alert.

15.) Eat Healthier

Have you realized that we love to sleep in after a long night out at the bar? Our body needs fuel too.

Cut back on sugar it might give you a rush in the short-term but not ain’t the long-run.

Cut back on processed/packaged foods: Noodle packets, boxed burgers, etc.

Good Eats:

Protein-rich foods: Fish, nuts, soy milk, eggs

The building block of muscle, skin, bones.

Iron-rich foods: tofu, baked potatoes, egg noodles

Iron is responsible for the circulation of oxygen.

Vitamin-rich foods: butter, salmon, cheese

Magnesium: Black beans, seafood, spinach

Converts food to energy

Fiber-rich Foods: dark veggies, bread yogurt

Helps stabilize blood sugar levels.













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