Why Social Media is Killing our Self-Esteem

Social Media Self Esteem

I’m sorry guys. We need to heavily cut back disconnect from social media because it is killing our self-esteem. Few 100 years ago, which really isn’t that long in terms of history. Humans would live in smaller tribes of over 100 people.

There would be tighter knit communities. Everybody’s voice could make a change. People’s self esteems were much higher because their opinions counted as 1% of their local population. 

Also, there would be more equality, because everyone was working as a group. One person achieving something meant the tribe achieved it. Meaning seeing other people succeed boosted your self-esteem instead of killing it like social media.

In addition, we also see the mistakes and imperfections of other people. Thus setting the bar for our self-esteem much lower.

Visual Social Medias are toxic (Facebook Instagram, Snapchat)

Social media’s like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat are toxic to self-esteem. I chose these three in particular because of how visual they are.

Social media changed the meaning of keeping up with the Joneses’. Now everybody that has more fancy stuff or is doing something ‘cool’ is your next-door neighbor on Instagram.

Letting the younger generation abuse social media without supervision could be the cigarettes of our generation.

Redeeming qualities like being beautiful, entertaining, smart, successful. Are now compared to the rest of the world. Instead of your local city/tribe.

 Why I Disconnected from Social Media

I practice stand-up comedy as a hobby to get the creative juices rolling. Which I’m going to post a stand-up comedy video one day. I began to realize that disconnecting made it easier for me to create.

Especially on written social media like Twitter, Reddit, Quora to a certain extent. Depending on who you’re digesting your information form, we are often taught how to think.

Opinions are being stated as facts. Then, instead of being verified by science and logic, they are being verified by favorites and retweets.
Hurtful comments

When you see something being stated that goes strongly against your self-worth and beliefs. For example, “Girls with nipple piercings are crazy”.

Now, what might seem like an off-hand comment could play a large blow to the self-esteem when you’re at the end of it.

When 20k people like that tweet, that’s practically 20 thousand people that ‘agree’ with that statement against you. A human being whose ancestors were in tribes of 100. Humans are believed to have developed social anxiety in fear of being outcasted by tribes.

Comments Don’t sound too hurtful to your sense of self until realizing that’s 2000 times the people that our ancestors were fearful of being outcasted by.

Imagine if the whole city hated something about you?

Unrealistic expectation Kills Self-esteem.

Instagram is as real as a photo shoot. We should not compare our lives to photos and short videos. Similar to how we never compare a movie trailer to another movie.

The trailer always looks more action-packed. Even the scenes that are pretty tame when watching the movie, are often ramped up for the trailer.

Social Media Consumes Sense of Self

Social Media is selfish. Most times the user is practically saying, I have nothing to do. Entertain me!

Doesn’t Fill the Void

So, what happens when you finally get that extra hundred likes on your new pic. Or touch “x” thousand followers.

Are you going to think that you’re the man now! What will happen to your self-esteem? I’m sure you might get a quick dose of confidence, but it will fizzle out quicker than you got it.

Replace it

Instead of spending time looking for approval elsewhere, why not spend it boosting something that you will be proud of.

That’s why Writing was my Instagram/Snapchat/Facebook Replacement.

Takes Time away

Social Media is counterproductive. Investing time with no return. Research shows Millennials (ages 17 to 38 in 2019) spend 27 hours per week on social media. That’s a part-time job with no pay.

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