How to Stop Being a Screw Up in Life Pt.1

Failure Screw up Falling to his doom. Silhouette.

Being a screw up in life is one of the most devastating, loneliest feelings ever. Pinning personal problems on the result of their own character. Instead of logically studying the root cause.

Unfortunately, to the common eye, negative assumptions are usually made about them. A ‘screw-up’ may appear lazy, unmotivated, and irresponsible.

Often, feeling like a screw up in life stems from emotional neglect and lack of guidance. Making it a struggle for many who feel that way. Since they usually lack the resources on how to stop being a screw up in life. Or more accurately, feeling like a screw-up.

Can the ‘Screw Up’ be Saved?

Slipping up on a banana.

Luckily, there is great news for the screw-up. After breaking the cycle of constant failure. They can propel far past there appears.

Some of the most successful people we look up to are screw-ups. Since overcoming adversity and pushing past your current situation teaches you to take on more difficult tasks and bear greater responsibility.

Screwing-up builds character and humility. Once the results of turning your life around begin to show. Everything becomes infinitely easier.

For example, getting in healthier shape makes studying and learning easier. Since the various benefits of exercise on mental health. Feeling too scared to go to the gym in the first place. Check out my guide on overcoming that here.

When your finances are in order. There is less stress in your life. Making it easier for you to focus on those tasks at hand. Thus, having more energy throughout the day.

1.) Get Into something where you’re in Charge

Strength to be in charge

The first step is taking control of your own life. Even though ‘Screw-ups’ may have fallen victim to external circumstances. To guarantee a positive difference in their life, steps need to be made. The responsibility of change lies in them. Screw-ups deal with being outcasted. Majorly from being a side-character in their own life.

Dissociation easily occurs when feeling anxiety in group activities. Since it allows you to zone out. This term is known as hypo-arousal.

Being in charge allows you to stop getting overlooked and maximizing your potential. Giving an opportunity to face challenges without drawing back. Improving skill sets thus helping you overcome imposter syndrome.

Pick up a Creative Hobby

Picking up a creative hobby

Most people will tell you not to get into something for the money. That’s partially true. In this case, your creative hobby needs to be something that you can prosper in financially.

Writing boosted my self-esteem because I was getting paid to just be myself. Overseeing your own future puts your life at ease.

When people think about creative hobbies the first thing that comes to mind is the arts: singing, instrument playing, writing fiction.

In short, being creative is simply something you can create and look back on. A developing website or writing a science research paper is a creative job.

What Hobby should I pick?

Firstly, pick a hobby you can stick with. Which you can learn more about in my post here.

When choosing a useful hobby, at least make sure that it’s useful in your everyday life.

  • Learning to cook and/or bake: Save money on eating out and purchasing expensive birthday cakes.
  • Tailoring and Sewing Clothes: Learn to sew and hem clothes, instead of throwing out every pair of jeans that get ripped.
  • Hair styling: Instead of asking your barber for a Goku haircut. Do it yourself.

Try A Creative Side Hustle

Creative Side Hustle.

Choose a side hustle that’s enjoyable, and that allows you to create. Something that requires you to put your own twist on it. Seeing that other people appreciate your work is fulfilling.

Podcasts: Doing a podcast at home is easy. You can even start one by using your phone or computer on the Anchor Podcast app.

The app posts your content on popular apps like Spotify, and iTunes. All free of charge.

Create a Playlist: Music is therapy. Are you a music fanatic? Have you tried curating your own public playlists on Spotify?

Create playlists of the best songs from your favorite artists/genre. Sooner or later you can get a loyal following. You can use that to help start your own music career or sponsor other artists.

Blog: Anybody can start a blog. This can be done for free on WordPress and you can use this post to get an idea of how awesome it is. Blogging is easy. The best part is that it can be about anything. From pumpkin pie recipes to reviewing shows on Netflix.

Blogging can get your foot in the door and is the engine of damn near every successful business. Turn your hobbies into money.

Open Mic: Try hitting up an open mic for fun. My favorite is practicing comedy. Because public speaking does not only boost self-esteem but helps lower social anxiety. Possible, leading you to develop a skill that can be lucrative in the longer term.

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