3 Life lessons from Andrew Schulz TedX talk: Can Comedy be Funny Anymore?

Andrew Schulz is a writer, entrepreneur, and a stand-up comedian approaching stardom. His brutal, yet logical approach to tough topics, gives life lesson for audiences to learn from. While pushing them into fits of laughter.

1.) Speaking out In public can be scary, yet rewarding

“As a comedian, I am at the low spectrum of brave”

– Andrew Schulz

Near the beginning of the Ted-Talk Andrew Schulz sets the tone of how he views himself as a comedian. As soon as you step on a stage you’re a modern day philosopher.

He conducts his comedy as a strain of political activism.Being able to speak in public puts you ahead of the pack. Referring to the modern climate of social media.

Considering how people’s social, and personal opinions are often scrutinized.

Emphasizing how people pretend to be overly politically correct. Andrew Schulz makes people

2.) People Gravitate Towards Authentic Material

Andrew Schulz is identified as one of the most skilled upcoming comedians of all time. His unapologetic stances on controversial topics are captivating to any audience.

He is unpredictable, and doesn’t really choose a side in his stances. During his comedy show somebody catches a mild seizure. She was then escorted out, and appears to have been alright.

What appears to be a gloomy situation is turned around. Simply from his ability to speak relatable to the audience. At first people are scared to laugh, but after a while they began to warm up to him.

3.) Adapt to your Environment, or it will Break You

Andrew Schulz was a successful Reality Tv Show actor on MTV. His abrasive personality meshed well with the direction that the TV network was going in.

However, when he joined the stand-up game he was met with a roadblock. The biggest most successful comedians have their own Netflix Specials: Dave Chappelle, Louis CK and Chris Rock had Netflix special. Almost every comedian, with a name has one.

For Andrew Schulz to get stiff after his accolades was a major blow to his status. Most likely because of his controversial language, and lack of mega super star status. Even though he still had clout of some form.

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