Advice on Breaking Free from Anxiety, Fear, and Self- Doubt by Eckhart Tolle Author of ‘Power of Now’

Eckhart Tolle’s Path to Overcoming Anxiety

Eckhart Tolle is a spiritual teacher, and. At the young age of 29, a sudden transformation suddenly changes the trajectory of his life. A few years later he worked as a spiritual teacher and counselor to smaller groups in London Ontario. 

Eckhart Tolle combines his knowledge of religious teachings: Bible, Hinduism, and Buddhism, with his in-depth knowledge of anxiety, fear, and psychology. Helping students break free from fear and anxiety and snap back to the present moment. This is a key theme in his New York Times best-selling book, The Power of Now. A book that Oprah confidently co-signs, “I keep Eckhart’s book at my bedside. I think its essential spiritual teaching. It’s one of the most valuable books I’ve ever read.”.

Watch your subconscious thoughts, and thinking |0:06

A fan writes to Eckhart Tolle for advice, “after many years of meditation and all the twists and turns of life, I’m now in the grip of intense fear and anxiety, it seems it was always there only more intense now, sitting with and letting it be there seems to make it grow”.

Eckhart Tolle starts off by reassuring his audience (including the fan), “Fear and anxiety which is a form of fear, are common, many have it in the background continuously”. He then expands on how many people have and can overcome anxiety. 

Fear comes in many forms, it can be expressed as anger, and if there’s fear we need to direct our attention to it. He tells the viewer that many times if focusing carefully, there tends to be a patterned thought process connected with the fear. Eckhart expands by rhetorically asking, “is it possible that thoughts you think frequently or habitually produce the fear?”. 

The Mind Influences the Bodies Physical Symtoms |3:25

When the body is overwhelmed with anxiety it feels like you’re stuck in the middle of a war. Eckhart Tolle demonstrates his relatability to the audience by showing an example of a panic attack, by hunching his shoulders and hyperventilating. Albeit comedic, it is hyper-realistic of what a panic attack may sound/look like. You can tell he is speaking about breaking from anxiety from experience.

Many a time when thinking too far into the future, anxiety begins to rise. Asking yourself impossible questions like, where will I work in the future? How much will I make? Where will I live? What will my wife, kids, house, car be like? Even thinking about short term trials like, how hard will my job interview be. Eckhart Tolle urges anxiety sufferers to remember “thoughts you imagine did actually happen, they would probably be easier to face than what you imagine.”.

Eckhart Tolle’s preaches on the relationship between the body and the mind “my body cannot tell the difference between an actual event that’s happening outside and what my mind is producing[…]You can get shortness of breath because you’re thinking fearful thoughts.”

Sudden Fear accumulates from the ‘Pain-Body’ |8:17 


“It’s also possible for some people that fear arises and you cannot detect any thought that created it, it just comes wherever you are, suddenly intense fear comes, that’s possible to, that’s of course is what I call ‘pain body’ which is an accumulation of all the emotions that live in you. There are many people for whom the pain-body manifests predominantly as anxiety or fear and it can come up suddenly. But usually, then it flows into your mind also and produces fearful thoughts.”

“Some of you may be able to see how your thoughts are generating the fear[…] then usually produces further fearful thought, and that’s the pain-body wanting to feed on the further experience of the same.”

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