Big Herc – Ex-Prisoner and Bank Robber Motivational Advice on Life, Success and Growth

Marcus Timmons also is known as ‘Big Herc’ is an ex-convict from Sacramento California turned serial entrepreneur. He was a straight-A student and talented athlete before he spiraled into the so-called gang life. He was raised in poverty by a mother that birthed him at the young age of 14.

By the time he was 15, he started selling crack rock. He claimed to make $200-300 dollars per day, $4200 per week when adjusted for inflation. California task force caught him shortly after. Partially due to him hanging around bigger criminals in the drug game.

At the age of 27 Big Herc was still addicted to money as he said. This urged him to go rob a bank, so he could use that money to reinvest it into further illegal activities. He and his crew were able to collect a large sum of money, but they took long enough for the police to catch them as soon as they were exiting the bank parking lot. The police took them on a typical high-speed chase with helicopters and car spikes rolled on the highway. Big Herc nearly lost his life running across a high traffic freeway during traffic, which you can see in the picture below.

The police were able to apprehend him while he was lying down on a nearby beach trying to hide. As a result, he was 27 years old when given an 8 year and 8-month sentence. Putting him at approximately 35-40 years old on release in 2010. You can read more about his case here.

After being released he published two books and began his YouTube series called  Fresh Out – Life After the Penitentiary in 2013. Big Herc speaks on self-help topics, and warns people about the horrors of prison life, and gives life advice on being successful and overcoming obstacles. My favorite part is how he features prisoners who are turning their life around and speaks on their wildest experiences in prison. He gives insightful advice on staying out of the penitentiary and surviving cage life.

1.) Reflect on Your Actions and Circumstances | 5:56

“I had a journal, I’d write down all the business ideas I had and what I would do when I got out (of prison)”

Big Herc started a successful YouTube channel with 400k plus subscribers while garnering millions of views. He’s been working on his channel since 2013, and he can owe it to his sense of reflection. Herc was constantly reflecting on his life choices and the kind of person he wants to be when he gets out while he was in prison . You find this out about him after this interviewer prompt below. 

Interviewer: “You made a conscious decision from day one to use your time as productively as you could and focus on self-improvement, what do you think it was that enabled you to focus like that versus other people who go astray and get wrapped up in even more dumb shit:”

Big Herc: “Well I did a lot of reflection, see most people that go to prison they don’t do any reflection, they’re there and they’re just hanging out. There listening to music, their playing games and just gambling, I didn’t care about what anybody else is doing.”

Business Author Giselle Kovary says self-reflection can increase essential life skills: strengthening emotional intelligence, acting with integrity, being more confident.

2.) People Tend to Attract their Likeness | 8:35

“We’re spiritual beings first, everything else is secondary”

When asked about his deepest regrets Big Herc has an interesting take. He claims that he accepts responsibility for his actions, and has no regrets. But if he could go back, he would find positive mentors and change his social circles.
During his prison stint, Big Herc wondered why he struggled to connect with positive people who were trying to turn their life around. He then realized that “like attracts likeness”, and that attracting focused and positive people into your life stems from within. He uses a funny yet sobering example, “if you’re a violent aggressive dude you’re gonna meet somebody who will knock you out. “

3.) How to be Successful in Life |9:34

“You have to decide where you want to be in life and where you’re comfortable[…] success for some people is 60k a year[…] for the next man there isn’t a cap on that[…] you have to figure what is your comfort zone and then from there you figure out knowledge to help you attain that level of success”

Big Herc says he has no cap on his success, which motivated him to learn from people in various lucrative industries real estate, scriptwriting, entrepreneurship, etc.

Big Herc lacks a formal educational background having never finished post-secondary education (college/university/trade school etc, yet he articulates himself like a true scholar. In prison he mainly taught himself. An alternative to “being taught from some ex-felon with negative energy limiting by saying things like you’ll be lucky if you can even find a job.”, says Big Herc. His strategy is to set goals high so he can never weigh himself down with contempt.

4.) Your Future is in your Own Hands| 17:07

“You either wanna have success or you wanna be a loser in life”

“Fear is the enemy of life”

The interviewer asked on Herc’s advice for listeners that may feel it’s too late to put their life onto a happy path, whether that be financial, relationship or other issues. Herc’s response is “Either step up or lay down”.

Not to get it confused, Herc views success as being a good role model to your wife and children and living an honorable life. Alternative to success being solely related to financial wealth.

Negative energy from other people can add fear to your life as well. Energy is contagious. He doesn’t even talk to people who complain, that’s how vigilant he is about maintaining a positive energy. He half-jokingly says he blocks and deletes contacts from his phone that complain, calling those negative people ‘spiritual vampires’.

Herc’s ideologies suggest people are as free as they choose to be mentally. He drives this point home with a wide grin on his face, explaining that people don’t have to go to work tomorrow if they don’t want to, they can set up an ecommerce business on their phone and work from the beach. You’re as free as your mind allows you to be. As long as the ambition is there to back it.

While he speaks on mental illness in his videos, after digesting more of his content you can see this insensitive advice is more directly aimed at people with a self-loathing attitude that need to just snap out of it per se.

5.) Advice on Creating your own Platform on YouTube | 21:13

“Put up content that is conscious”

Big Herc has 400k subscribers on YouTube. Quite a big deal considering only approximately 6000 out of 2 million-plus YouTube accounts have achieved this feat.

His number one rule of advice is to stay consistent with content and deliver a positive message. Herc claims that he could’ve had over 1 million subscribers fooling around and acting dumb, but he wouldn’t have had a solid fan base.

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