Top 10 Highest Paying Survey Reviews | Legit and Scam Free

*This post may contain affiliate links* Since this blog is about overcoming mental health issues, like social anxiety, depression, procrastination. Working from home seems like a great alternative to the simple nine to five for many readers Today I have included the top paid surveys in Canada and America. Hint many of these work in … Continue Reading

Top 5 Ted Talks on Fighting Impostor Syndrome

Introduction to Ted Talk Impostor Syndrome Impostor syndrome, AKA ‘imposter phenomenon’. A word used to define people. Who struggle with the feeling of being incapable, despite proof of their success. That’s why I’ve ranked the Top 5 Ted Talks on Fighting Impostor Syndrome. For viewers looking for inspiration, or who are just curious. Curious on whether … Continue Reading

3 Most Relaxing Airports in the World

Traveling is a multi-trillion dollar industry. Implying a great deal of money is most definitely invested in giving travelers the best experience possible. Regardless if traveling for business or leisure purposes. Relaxation is at the top of the priority list for many travelers. 1.   Changi International Airport, Singapore, Malaysia Everything is more luxurious in Singapore’s … Continue Reading

How to Stop Being a Screw Up in Life Pt.1

Being a screw up in life is one of the most devastating, loneliest feelings ever. Pinning personal problems on the result of their own character. Instead of logically studying the root cause. Unfortunately, to the common eye, negative assumptions are usually made about them. A ‘screw-up’ may appear lazy, unmotivated, and irresponsible. Often, feeling like … Continue Reading