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Stephan Toure is a blog that welcomes all information regarding social anxiety, generalized anxiety, procrastination, and related and/or co-occurring disorders. Although it’s run by Stephan Toure, the mental health community can benefit from a variety of different sources and perspectives. This is why guest posters are welcomed whole-heartedly.

Contributors can come up with finished posts, post ideas and/or headlines, or life experiences that would benefit readers in any way.

Guidelines for Guest Posts

Please include the following in your email:

  • Your real name – articles can be submitted under different pseudonyms or anonymously, but I will still need your real name.
  • An outline of your experience and/or links to a sample.
  • The idea/s you have for your post.
  • Please proof read submissions and make sure your article passes a basic spell check.

Editorial Guidelines

I try my best to keep your content true to your voice but there are some edits that will be made to help increase the content quality, and SEO etc.

  • Medical facts or info presented in your article must be sourced and backed by an author. This author can even be you per say.
  • Article length longer than 600 words preferably longer
  • Every source of information must be referenced. For instance, if you’re referring to a study, it must be footnoted or linked to.
  • Any statements regarding the benefits of any medical treatments must be backed up with authoritative medical evidence Signs and Symptoms of Anxiety You Never Even Knew Existed(example).
  • You may write opinionated posts, but you must identify clearly that they are opinionated, and may be marked with a disclaimer based off of Stephan Toure’s discretion Suicide *Triggering (example).
  • Commercial services or products can not be mentioned in your guest posts, but you may link to.

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